1.      build this 1090 antenna, use central coaxial cable for 75ohm tv antenna cable - very cheap!



2. need DVB-T RTL2832U dongle (very cheap), previusly install driver ZADIG Download the latest "Zadig" installation package from

    - Plug-in your USB-TV-Stick, ignore and abort driver installation messages

    - Execute "zadig.exe"

    - Install the WinUSB driver and the driver for "Bulk-In Interface 0" (A more comprehensive list of installation instructions is here:

     - download and unzip and copy rtl-sdr-releasedll, msvcr100.dll and libusb-1.0.dll to your application folder

       The following files should be in your folder now:






3. now download rtl1090.exe from (must be copied into your rtl2832 folder (where are all .dll);

4. download virtual radar from and install it (at installation query leave port 80);

5. execute rtl1090.exe and press start;

6. execute virtual radar and co to TOOLS - OPTIONS at point 1 data feed select AVR OR BEAST RAW FEED, on point 2.2 select port 31001 and close windows;

7. press button TAKE ONLINE and then click on web address below 8you may need internet connection to download your area map)